What Is Virtual Y OKC?

If you're reading this, it means the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City has just launched Virtual Y. You may still have a few questions about what you've just gotten yourself into, so we're going to try to answer a few common ones.

Why do we have an online workout platform?
The short answer is COVID-19. The long answer is that the pandemic has provoked entire industries to shift gears, and gyms like ours were not spared. The truth is that if people aren’t using our gyms, they’ll cancel their membership and find a different way to exercise - or forego working out entirely. When that happens, we can’t continue to do our community impact programs, to pay our staff, to offer childcare programs, and so on and so forth. Virtual Y is an answer to the problem of membership cancellations. We’re bringing the Y to you so you don’t have to leave the house to get a great workout.

What can I expect as a Virtual Y user?
Well, to be upfront, there will likely be growing pains associated with Virtual Y as we expand the platform and add more categories of videos. For now, you can expect several different types of workouts and classes starring our very own, and your favorite, instructors. We plan to add more videos every two to four weeks. There will also be a fitness blog with new articles uploaded once every other week. In February, we’ll begin uploading activity videos specifically for youth and families. Lastly, we plan to continue with Virtual Y long after the pandemic ends. This is something we’ve invested in and hope our members can really take advantage of. The point is that this platform will continue to grow and evolve over time to best fit the needs of our members who use it.

How can I take advantage of Virtual Y OKC?
How can you make sure you’re taking advantage of Virtual Y? That’s an easy one- use it! Log on and see if there’s something for you and give it a try. There are short videos, long videos and this blog will feature a few tips and tricks. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know! In the meantime, check out this article for tips on using Virtual Y.

We are really excited about Virtual Y and all it has to offer. We hope you can take advantage of this tool in the months to come.

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