A Beginner’s Guide to Using Virtual Y OKC

Starting a workout regimen can be difficult. Luckily, Virtual Y OKC has several classes to choose from so you get the best workout possible. This article will provide you with an overview of which videos to check out if you’re a beginner in the world of at-home fitness (or fitness in general).

They say the average adult needs to exercise about 150 minutes a week. If you’re always on the go, it can be difficult trying to squeeze in 30-60 minutes a day for exercise. The hardest part is the mental roadblocks we have to withstand. Many people find that breaking up workouts into smaller, more manageable chunks offers the best outcomes.

Below are five beginner videos currently on Virtual Y OKC that you can do from home. They will get you well on your way to that 150-minute goal. The key is to pick out which videos you’ll complete at the beginning of the week and assign a day to each one. It’s as easy as putting it in your calendar or setting a reminder on your phone! Read through my personal accounts of each video and decide for yourself which ones you want to include in your weekly schedule. You can do the same video five times or mix it up and try a different one each day. It’s your week and your body – do what YOU need to do!

SilverSneakers® – Elizabeth Bowen (32 minutes)
You don’t have to be a senior citizen to reap the rewards of a SilverSneakers® class. Regardless of your age or physical ability, this is a great video to get you started. Elizabeth includes exercises to build strength and improve balance. It’s a low-impact workout, so it’s great if you’re sore or your joints are stiff.

Strength Workout – Coreon Bennett (21 minutes)
This is a very straightforward workout. Coreon walks you through all of the workouts, doing them himself so you can watch to compare your form with his and take breaks as he does. He would say what the next workout is before beginning it, so I never felt lost or wondered how to do something. I also appreciated his reminders to stay hydrated during the workout. That’s always important and something that I sometimes forget!

Yoga for Lower Back – Ann Jayne (33 minutes)
Thanks to improper lift form, I have had sciatica issues since I was 15 years old (roughly half my lifetime). As a result, my lower back cries out regularly for some TLC. I really appreciated Ann’s class. There were several moments I found myself thinking, “Oooh. This hurts so good!” The stretches were just what I needed. For years, I have done a few lower back stretches when I wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night, however, I have also started exercising to this video each week for the past month. I have noticed an improvement in my chronic lower back pain since adding this to my weekly routine. Now, this isn’t a controlled experiment; this is my regular, everyday experience. I’m not saying you’ll have the same results, but I am saying it’s at least worth a shot if you’re like me and have lower back pain.

Yoga – John Carpenter (27 minutes)
This is just a really great classic yoga class. John takes you through several well-known yoga flows. Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you, this is still a workout! There are poses that build strength and endurance, and then there are poses that helped me focus on breathing, balance and relaxation. It was a great mix and a great workout!

Chair Yoga – Elizabeth Bowen (22 minutes)
Our SilverSneakers® instructor is back, but this time she’s here with chair yoga (yoga poses modified for a chair). This class is great for individuals who struggle to get down and/or up from the ground. There are parts of the class where you’ll be standing, but you can still use the chair for support if you need it.

However you choose to start your beginner workout with Virtual Y OKC, I hope you find the classes and the schedule that are right for you – that’s the best piece of advice I can offer. The rest will fall into place. Who knows? Maybe in a few weeks you’ll be reading about our intermediate classes!

Written by Kelsey Pagonis, kpagonis@ymcaokc.org

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